The PCGamesN Big Christmas Quiz of 2013 – Win an Oculus Rift!


Happy things! Merry whats! Wonderful salutations! A massive Christmas tree, spinning slowly in deep space, its planet sized baubles refracting festive radiation across distant galaxies, burning civilisations and boiling oceans. Hooray!

We’ve got a gift for you and everything, an end of the year quiz! Better yet, if you can successfully navigate our devious questions you’ll be in with a chance of winning an actual, honest to goodness Oculus Rift VR headset, one of the pre-release development kits, to be precise. That’s a wonderful prize, one that my muted description of somewhat undersells, one that should really warrant some stand-out superlatives.




That’s much better. Click through to see the quiz, you merry sausages.

We’ve crammed this bad boy into a Google Form. Let’s hope that works, eh? If Santa Claus is REAL, our quiz should magically appear right below here, as if embedded by a mysterious festive HTML code.

How did you do? We’ll post the answers shortly after the quiz deadline expires in the new year, at which point we’ll whip a top scoring name from the hat and eject a prize in that person’s direction. Stay tuned, and have a lovely holiday season.