PCGamesN is hiring… and we face a dilemma


PCGamesN.com is expanding – our audience has doubled year on year. We’ve just hired a new, full-time editor in our Bath, UK office, and two extra commercial staff. It is all getting a bit exciting. 

We’re now ready to add another full-time writer. We’ll build the role around the right candidate – it will either be a News Editor or a Staff Writer.

The PCGamesN news editor would be someone who has the initiative and skills to chase down stories and quotes from their contact book, break exclusives and efficiently triage what’s going on in the PC gaming world. Ideally, that person would arrive fully formed: with decent industry links and experience.

It may be, though, that the right person is a newcomer to the PC games industry or online journalism. Without specific experience, but passionate and smart enough that we believe we can develop them into a larger role. For that person, we may offer a staff-writer role. They’d be responsible for at least a couple of days of news cover each week, but would also write features, reviews and anything else going.

In both cases, the role would be full-time, based in our office in Bath, UK.

Separately, we’d like to grow our freelance pool.

We’re looking for new voices, old hands, and people who can write with authority about the games they’re passionate about. Reach out to Joel if you are interested in commissions. One thing though… that copy has to land on deadline. If it doesn’t, you are dead to us. Hence the term.

You’ve got two weeks to apply. Email a CV and examples of recent work to [email protected] Remember what we said about deadlines.

Who we are:

PCGamesN is a new, fast growing website, produced by the team at Network N Ltd. We reach over 1.5m PC gamers every month and as well as some brilliant journalists and some cool new Steam functionality we’re also lucky enough to have a lovely community.

We also run the PC Games Network which includes some sites we own, like the mighty SteamProfile.com and a bunch of others we represent exclusively for advertising sales. The PC Games Network delivers around 200m pageviews per month.