Peggle is free on Mac and PC (for now)


I had a rummage down the back of the CMS to see if we’d ever written about Peggle on the site before, triumphantly pulled something out, and then hurriedly stuffed it back into the September drawer where it belongs. Oh, Julian. But we can do this without backup, can’t we? We can explain why somebody ought to play PopCap’s secondary opus, especially when its creators are politely refusing payment?

Peggle is an upside-down game of Breakout. A procrastinating geometrist’s doom. A rescue centre for a colourful array of cartoon anthropomorphs. A heartless combo-breaker. A convincing argument for the use of slow-mo in absolutely everything. An unflinching portrayal of the rampage of a passive aggressively silent, ball bearing protagonist. A love letter to the chromatic scale. A reason to love casual games.

It’s the best PopCap thing that isn’t Plants vs Zombies. Download it here, before the appropriate authorities change their mind.Can you think of anything I’ve missed?