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Planetary city builder Per Aspera multiplayer is here

Mars-taming city builder sim Per Aspera multiplayer lands today, bringing a full co-op mode to the space management game for up to four players.

Per Aspera multiplayer has landed

There’s nothing better than a city-builder game unless it’s about building cities on Mars – and you can now do it in co-op, thanks to the newly-added Per Aspera multiplayer modes. As of now, up to four players can work together to colonise Mars, as Per Aspera is now a co-op game.

For the last few months, developer Tlön Industries has held various online betas for players to test out. Now, around 15 months after Per Aspera launched on Steam, the full multiplayer co-op experience is finally available for the sci-fi management game. It works like the Sandbox mode, and there won’t be any PvP or military buildings – not yet, anyway.

Basically, how multiplayer in Per Aspera works is that up to four players can land separately on Mars and create their own little districts and colonies. However, research is shared and resources will have to be, too. You can save and return to the session at any point, so you don’t have to play a round of this gigantic city builder all at once.

The multiplayer mode is available now, but this is not the big expansion for Per Aspera that Tlön Industries confirmed back in December for release in “early 2022”. That’s presumably still to come, although we’re quickly heading out of “early 2022” and into “basically 2023”.

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