The Initiative is making a new Perfect Dark

Joanna Dark is back

The Initiative is, indeed, working on a new Perfect Dark game, confirming a lengthy stretch of rumours. The new title is too early for us to see proper gameplay of, but the developers have provided a CG trailer revealing a bit of the setting at The Game Awards. The big focus for Perfect Dark will be the next-gen Xbox Series X console, but Microsoft’s current multi-platform focus means we’ll certainly get it on PC, too.

In keeping with Perfect Dark’s original cyberpunk themes, the new game takes place in a corporate nightmare world where ecological disaster is a major concern. Atop a massive corporate tower, we see Joanna Dark standing tall, looking out toward a pair of pyramids.

The Game Awards is an annual showcase of both the year’s best games and upcoming titles from publishers and developers across the industry. The evening promises news on everything from Among Us to the next Dragon Age game, and PCGamesN will be here to provide the biggest news as it happens.

Check out the trailer here.

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You can tune into the show for yourself below.

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