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Persona 5 Royal PC secrets reveal unused JRPG game elements

Some Persona 5 Royal PC secrets have been revealed since the JRPG game's widespread launch, like unused menus and older design concepts from Atlus

Persona 5 Royal PC secrets reveal unused JRPG game content: Joker from persona 5, a headshot

A Persona 5 Royal PC port is finally upon us, giving even more players the chance to experience the Atlus JRPG game for the first time, and others the opportunity to play it on the go via the Steam Deck. The Persona 5 Royal PC port also comes with the opportunity for us to find out even more about the backend of the game, and one YouTuber and modder has been showcasing some of the secrets they’ve already found.

These discoveries come from Faz, who’s also currently in the process of making a “Royal’s Cut” mod, which aims to restore all of the cut content to Persona 5 Royal. There’s a lot on offer here, with some big and small secrets being shown off inside of Persona 5 Royal PC.

There’s an unused, likely beta, look for protagonist Joker, which was part of the Persona 5 Alpha 5, according to Faz. His outfit doesn’t look too different, but it does seem like he’s wearing some sort of scarf with his school uniform. There’s also a beta title screen for Persona 5 Royal, which looks very similar to the final product.

Faz also shares some early concept art for Persona 5 Strikers (or Scramble in Japan), an early look at the day/night change background, and a very different look for the mobile phone interface UI in Persona 5 Royal as well, which shows character Akechi having a crow profile picture, which is interesting.

There is a lot more unused content for all us hounds out there, hoping to see what didn’t make it into the game. Faz also highlights that they managed to get mods working on the PC version of Persona 5 Royal, which bodes well for all the brilliant creations that will undoubtedly come to the JRPG down the line.

You can check out all of Faz’s findings in their Twitter thread.

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