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Phantom Fury evokes Duke Nukem and Half-Life in a road movie FPS game

The Phantom Fury reveal trailer for the Ion Fury sequel promises a road movie style classic FPS game inspired by Half-Life and the original Duke Nukem Forever

Phantom Fury - John R. Blade from SiN grasps the viewer's hand in an affirmative greeting

3D Realms has unveiled a Phantom Fury reveal trailer showcasing its Ion Fury sequel, a classic FPS game that looks to pull inspiration from the likes of Half-Life and the original Duke Nukem Forever reveal to craft a bombastic ‘road movie FPS’ adventure. Featuring the work of ex-Valve Half-Life concept artist Chuck Jones, who was brought in by 3D Realms to work on the project, Phantom Fury wears its love of classic PC games on its sleeve.

Phantom Fury sees protagonist Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison pulled out of a coma and set on a journey across the United States in search of a dangerous artifact known as the Demon Core. Oh, we should mention that she now has a bionic arm too – because why not? Developer Slipgate Ironworks, led by former Rise of the Triad director Frederik Schreiber, promises “an incredible amount of interactivity” in the world, from fully usable computers and playable arcade machines to helicopter flights.

With over 20 weapons at your disposal, including returning favourites such as the hand-rolled Bowling Bombs and newcomers including “electrified foam shooting devices and eployable drones” should provide a ton of unique ways to approach situations. Plenty of unlockable skills and upgrades promise even more ways to customise your playstyle too – and you’ll need it to go up against the weird and wonderful horrors that await you.

You can check out the Phantom Fury reveal trailer below – keep an eye out for some of the references, such as nods to the original Duke Nukem Forever reveal and a brief glimpse of someone who appears to be John R. Blade from classic first-person shooter SiN in the final moments.

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Phantom Fury is set for a 2023 release date and available on Steam.

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