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Phasmophobia fan makes Instagram filter for finding (virtual) fingerprints in real life

Now you can spot virtual fingerprints in the real world

Fingerprints are a key bit of evidence tied to several of the Phasmophobia ghost types, giving you an inkling about what kind of beastie you’ve got on your hands. Poltergeists, banshees, wraiths, and more – many will give clues as to what they’ve been putting their grubby ghosty hands on. And now, you can replicate the effect IRL – as the kids say – thanks to a new Instagram filter.

Phasmophobia fan Spiderlex has posted a preview of their creation for the social media platform on the horror game’s subreddit, announcing: “I made a Phasmophobia filter on Instagram that lets you search for fingerprints in your own room!” As you can see in the clip they’ve included below, the filter recreates the feel of wandering around Phasmophobia’s spooky settings on the hunt for ghosts really well.

With just a ‘torchlight’ illuminating spots in the dark, the filter then has a UV-like switch to flick, which starts showing up gruesome green handprints layered over the real world, which are just like the ‘real’ thing in Phasmophobia.

Take a look for yourself below:

I made a Phasmophobia Filter on Instagram that lets you search for Fingerprints in your own room! Would love to hear some feedback 🙂 (Link in comments) from PhasmophobiaGame

If you’re keen to have a play with the filter for yourself, you can find it via the creator’s provided link here. You can also check out our Phasmophobia sanity effects and Phasmophobia ouija boards guides at those links for some handy tips.