Looks like Phasmophobia’s getting a Halloween update with “nightmare difficulty”

A card for a Phasmophobia Halloween update has popped up on the horror game's Trello board

The spooky season is fast approaching, and it looks like the devs behind one of the best ghost games around are gearing up to get into the spine-chilling spirit. While there doesn’t seem to have been an official announcement as such, it looks like Phasmophobia has got a Halloween update on the way, with some kind of “nightmare difficulty” in tow.

That’s according to a new addition to the horror game’s public Trello board, in which Kinetic Games posts some details about what’s in the Phasmophobia development pipeline at any one time. A new card just added lists a “Halloween update” as in progress, which you can see here. Sadly, there’s very little detail about what the update will bring right now, with most of the points labelled as “redacted”, so it seems the devs want to keep plenty of cards close to their chest on what the patch will usher in.

However, there is something listed called “nightmare difficulty”. While it’s far from confirmed by the entry, this is presumably some kind of themed, especially tricky difficulty mode that’ll make tackling the game’s ghosts and ghouls all the more, well, nightmarish, when Halloween rolls around. Though, we’ll have to wait for more news on what this is, exactly.

Elsewhere, fans have begun trying to guess what these redacted bits and pieces might be, with one reckoning it could be “new sounds, new ghost events, new animations” on Reddit. However, we know these aren’t quite right as lead artist Corey J Dixon has responded, saying, “nope, nope, nope, keep guessing”. So, it’s all very mysterious for now.

The Halloween Update is now in progress! from PhasmophobiaGame

We do know the devs have been working on a rework of Phasmophobia’s difficulty system for a few months, with difficulties getting “reworked and rebalanced to make them more engaging, as well as give experienced players something new and challenging to play”. There are also some “additional modifiers” potentially on the way to “further increase the challenge and rewards” – for example, a starting sanity of 0%, according to the board. Perhaps the Halloween update’s nightmare option could be a fun spin on some of the changes the devs have been tinkering with in the past months, though – again – that’s purely speculation for now.

Keep a weather eye on Phasmophobia’s Trello board and social media channels if you’re keen to know more. With Halloween next month, hopefully we’ll hear more on what the themed update will bring very soon.