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“You can run but you can’t hide” from a new Phasmophobia ghost

A new Phasmobia ghost is on the way - two of them, in fact - and from the information that's been revealed so far, it sounds pretty scary

A Phasmophobia ghost glares at the player in the dark

Phasmophobia update 0.6.2 is going to add some new features to the Early Access multiplayer horror game, and two of those new features are ghosts. Kinetic Games hasn’t fully revealed them yet, but they have provided a couple spooky teasers for the new haints that should be enough to get the goosebumps going.

The first of the two new ghosts has a name that starts with ‘Mo,’ and the smudged paper journal entry on the entity says something about being ‘risen from the grave to drain’ something – probably energy – from the living. The entry seems to say that its strength is becoming stronger the weaker its victim is, which sounds unnerving. Its weakness has something to do with hyperosmia, which is an overwhelming sensitivity to smell – so, bring along some garlic.

The name of the second new ghost begins with the letter D, and this type has apparently “been eluding ghost hunters for years,” according to the journal entry. Its strength is the ability to constantly sense the living, and as the entry puts it, “you can run, but you can’t hide.” So, this type of ghost will probably always know where you are.

Phasmophobia update 0.6.2 is going to include both new ghosts, plus a new layout for the main menu and a new design for the truck, and a new voice recognition system. The devs say this update is “right around the corner,” so there’s not long to wait.