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Phasmophobia update adds a new photo evidence priority system

You'll now find snaps of ghosts prized over interactions, footprints, cursed items, and - well - everything

A Phasmophobia room with a TV and ghost hunting

Phasmophobia‘s festive-themed decorations might have just been swept away with the ghost game’s latest update, but there are still new features and changes to check out as we march into this new year. Kinetic Games has just dropped a new update that adds a handful of gameplay changes and fixes, among them a new feature that ranks a key evidence type by what’s captured in it.

In today’s Phasmophobia patch – catchily titled ‘Update v0.5.1.1’ – there’s a new feature that adds “a priority system for the photo evidence detection”. This ranks the content of the photo evidence in the following priority order, which goes from top to bottom: ghost, bone, fingerprints, footprints, dead body, interactions, cursed items, dirty water.

The beauty of this, it seems, is that you should find the most important subjects of your snaps will now be identified and given top billing more accurately. With photo evidence yielding monetary rewards in-game, and star ratings varying depending on what you snapped, this change could be really handy in streamlining the whole mechanic. For example, if you captured a photo of a ghost that also counts as a picture of an interaction, the game will now prize the fact that it was an image of a ghost over being one of a (lesser) interaction.

Elsewhere, the patch adds a few other handy gameplay tweaks some of which tie into and help balance the new system. “You can no longer take multiple photos of a ghost – instead it will search for different evidence within the photo”, the notes explain, while photos of ghosts are now far easier to snap, particularly when the ghost is partially hidden. The bulb smashing sound has also now been dialled down – much to the delight of some fans on the subreddit, who found it the scariest bit of the game – and the Mimic now won’t have the double chance to spawn.

If you’re keen for the full rundown of changes and to check out the latest batch of bug fixes, you can head to the patch notes on Steam. If you’re after more great horror games, you know where to click.