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Phasmophobia just saw its best weekend on Steam since launch

The latest update has players returning to the spooky basements and hallways in droves

Phasmophobia is back in the Steam charts now that the August update is out. The ghost game added two new ghost types last week, and players seem eager to check them out. More than 62,000 concurrent players were investigating reports of the new Myling and Goryo spirits Sunday evening.

Sunday’s peak concurrent player count in Phasmophobia was 62,448, to be exact, making it the game’s best day since its Early Access launch last September. But each day since the update arrived has seen an influx in players, and as of this writing, Phasmophobia is just beneath the threshold of Steam’s top 15 most-played games of the moment with over 41,000 players logged in.

We’ve actually gotten a set of patch notes to look at now, and update v.0.3.0 adds a lot more than a couple of poltergeists. All ghost-hunting gear has been improved, and there’s the new piece of equipment, the DOTS projector. That means you’ve got a new evidence type, of course – but it also means that all the ghosts have had their evidence adjusted to account for the new detection method.

Sprinting has been reworked rather dramatically. Now you’ll be able to sprint for three seconds, with a five-second cooldown on the ability. However, your walking speed has been increased to the old sprint speed – so you won’t necessarily need it as often.

On the other hand, ghosts now accelerate faster when they spot you during a hunt, so maybe keep that pinky finger on the shift key after all.

There are bunch more changes and fixes detailed in the full patch notes, which you can read over on the Phasmophobia Steam page. As Kinetic Games likes to say, happy huntin’.