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Phasmophobia devs reveal new sound sensor and tease “functionality adjustments”

"The sound sensor is finally getting a makeover to join the rest of the equipment!"

The Phasmophobia devs have unveiled a shiny new look on the way for the ghost game’s sound sensor. This follows a whole bunch of visual changes that Kinetic Games has been rolling out over the past year to update the look of the game’s ghost-spotting equipment – and it seems there are some new or tweaked features coming to the gadget, too.

In case you need a refresher, the sound sensor is the bit of kit you plonk on any solid wall or patch of ground to detect the noises of ghostly (and other) happenings in a given area around it. It can detect sounds through walls, so can be especially useful in smaller maps, and helps you track down where your ghostly targets are lurking. It’s been due a new look to bring it in-line with the other reworked gear, and now it seems that could be coming up next. “The sound sensor is finally getting a makeover to join the rest of the equipment!” lead artist Corey J Dixon explains on the game’s Discord, unveiling the new-look gear (below).

“It might also be getting some slight functionality adjustments…” the dev also teases. There’s no word on what these might be just yet, and the new message doesn’t add anything to what the devs announced in the game’s 2022 major update roadmap last month, but that hasn’t stopped fans getting their guesses in.

Some on the Phasmophobia subreddit think it would be neat if the devs folded in EVPs as a bonus objective. Others reckon some kind of portable tablet that let you keep track of where you’ve placed your sensors would be handy. Most, though, are just chuffed about the new-look sensor. Take a look for yourself:

The sound sensor is finally getting a makeover to join the rest of the equipment! It might also be getting some slight functionality adjustments… from PhasmophobiaGame

There’s no word on when exactly this new bit of kit will be hitting the live game, but it looks like it should be coming with the first batch of changes planned for this year, with the roadmap listing it with the game’s upcoming VR rework (plus there’s the mention of the rework in the image itself).

It might not be just yet, though, as the VR rework was only moved to ‘in progress’ from the ‘backlog’ in the game’s Trello board in early January. Either way, keep an eye on Phasmophobia’s social media channels if you’re keen for updates as and when they arrive.