Streamers are tackling Nightmare Phasmophobia speedruns for charity

The Frame Fatales are promising nightmare Phasmophobia speedruns during their annual event to raise money for the Malala Fund and girls' education worldwide

If you got a taste for Phasmophobia speedruns during Summer Games Done Quick, you’re in luck. The all-women speedrunning group Frame Fatales is hosting their annual Flame Fatales marathon with Summer Games Done Quick from August 21 through August 27, and a Phasmophobia speedrun headlines the event. It’s taking things a bit further than the SGDQ speedrun too. The Flame Fatales are promising an any% run – on Nightmare difficulty.

During June’s event, speedrunner Brossentia and their group tried clearing all of Phasmophobia’s small maps as quickly as possible, but not necessarily on nightmare mode.

I’ve never dared to try Nightmare difficulty, and for good reason. Long hunts, no setup time, and ghosts that change their preferred haunts are just some of the factors amplifying the difficulty. Despite playing the ghost game regularly for a year, I still routinely mix up my Onis and Jinns.  It’s basically a recipe for disaster for me, but I can’t wait to see the Flame Fatales tackle it.

Most speedrunners who try Nightmare maps tend to go for perfect, or 100%, runs, which tend to take anywhere from six minutes on the smaller maps to 10 minutes for the more labyrinthine ones, such as the Prison.

The Flame Fatales event will also feature Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Stardew Valley. Proceeds go to the Malala Fund to help secure safe and quality education for girls worldwide. The group will also host their Frost Fatales event once winter rolls around.

The recent truck update and its overhaul to item placement should help make planning easier for the Flame Fatales and for you, and you need all the help you can get if you run into the creepy new Deogen ghost. You can actually see this Dead by Daylight-adjacent apparition stalking you, which is just about as much creepy as I can take.