Phasmophobia update stops you from locking other players inside rooms

You'll now be able to reliably get killed by the ghost, too

Phasmophobia, Kinetic Games’ indie survival-horror game, has just received another couple of updates designed to improve some elements of its gameplay, and banish a few bugs. Alongside a handful of other noteworthy tweaks is one that’s pretty crucial if you find you’ve found yourself being locked inside rooms of late – and not by the ghost, by other players.

In the notes for an update posted this week, Kinetic details a change that affects how you – the survival game’s ghosthunting player – interact with its many creaky doors. “You now take control of doors from other players when grabbing them,” the patch notes explain. “This will stop situations where you could lock players inside rooms.” Lovely stuff. So, now all you’ll have to worry about is those pesky ghosts doing that to you.

Speaking of which, another update posted this week brings some changes for these supernatural mischief-makers, too. For example, “the ghost appearing and walking towards you will now count as a ghost event,” and a potential fix has arrived which addresses players “not always getting killed by the ghost”. Lovely. Now you can (probably) rest assured you’ll always get killed by the ghost.

Other changes touch on things like the truck clock’s buzzing volume, the Asylum light switches’ placement (changed for clarity), and players’ sanity level on dying (it’ll now stay as it was at the moment of death rather than being set to zero).

Bug fixes (both actual and potential), meanwhile, reach across a whole rage of hiccups in-game, from things like being able to use the Ouija board in the wrong places, a living room sofa safe spot, being able to walk through Asylum doors (that might have come in handy if a player had locked you in, come to think of it), and various others.

You can check out the two sets of notes in the tweets above. We also have some handy Phasmophobia ghost typesPhasmophobia sanity effects, and Phasmophobia ouija boards guides if you’re looking for some tips, too.