New Phasmophobia update adds fine-tuned scare options

The next Phasmophobia update introduces the Sunny Meadows asylum map and custom difficulty options, with adjustable sanity, speed, and more

The next Phasmophobia update introduces custom difficulty options and a brand-new map, Kinetic Games announced in a Steam news blast. There’s no firm release date for the custom difficulty options, but when it does launch, it will include a sizeable range of settings to tweak, everything from adjusting how fast the ghost can move to slowing yourself down and increasing sanity drain in the ghost game. You can even adjust how many Cursed Possessions show up during a hunt or, if the temptation to use them and condemn your team to death is just too strong, you can remove them completely.

Each modification has a reward multiplayer that adjusts based on how much more challenging – or how easy – you decide to make a hunt, so bear that in mind before nerfing the ghost completely.

Kinetic is adding three preset slots so you can save your favorite settings for easier use and said they plan on adding even more difficulty toggles in the future.

Also coming in the next update is Sunny Meadows, a new, even creepier asylum map. It might be smaller than the current asylum, but what it lacks in space, it makes up for with multiple themed “zones.” Kinetic said the goal was making Sunny Meadows feel lived in and derelict, unlike the current asylum map. Expect bookcases, wheelchairs, and other furniture in unlikely places, impeding your getaway route during hunts, but possibly providing new hiding places too.

Sunny Meadows’ zones include a chapel and a big, open yard with no hiding places, and each comes with its own set of new, unique assets. The yard is definitely not where you want to end up with an angry Deogen on your trail.

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