Phil Spencer wants Xbox 360 games to work on PC


One of Microsoft’s biggest Xbox wins at E3 was the announcement that the company planned to bring backwards compatibility to the Xbox One, allowing people to play the Xbox 360’s entire library on their new machines without any fuss. 

Here are all the Gamescom Xbox announcements that probably won’t be coming to PC.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants to bring that same feature to PC. He revealed his intentions in an interview with Gizmodo Brazil, saying the following:

“[Xbox games on Xbox One is] something I want to do, but it is a matter of priority. I would love to have the ability to play Xbox 360 on PC at some point too, so we have different things we have to think about when we plan these things. But it would be great to have support for original Xbox games. So yes, I want it, but we have many other things we want to do as well.”

Not only could this mean people who own Xbox 360 games on disc might be able to play their collection on PC in future, but we could even see digital versions of those games available to download at some point.

Think of the exclusives you might have missed: Gears of War 2 and 3, Forza 3 and 4, Halo 3, 4 and Reach, Fable 2 and Lost Odyssey, to name a few.

Would you be interested in this feature? Which of those exclusives would you like to have a crack at? Perhaps you have a massive Xbox 360 disc collection – let us know in the comments.

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