How long is Phoenix Point?

Here’s how long the main story campaign will take you in Phoenix Point


How long is Phoenix Point? You may be a way into the new turn-based strategy game from the creator of XCOM, or about to dive into the campaign for the first time and looking to find out how long you have before your fight against the Pandoravirus draws to an end.

There are a ton of ways to get distracted in Phoenix Point, including exploring and scanning new locations in the Geoscape, that it’s easy for the main campaign missions to take a backseat and for time to slip away from you. Take back control by finding out how long the main mission will roughly take you in Phoenix Point.

If you’re busy, or need a breather, you can always adjust the speed on the right of your screen to crank through missions a little faster. The default speed is set to one in-game hour for every five seconds in real time. Here’s how long you can expect the main campaign to take in Phoenix Point.

How long is Phoenix Point?

If you’re just focusing on the main campaign, then Phoenix Point is roughly 20 hours long. However, you’ll undoubtedly stumble across side missions that’ll add some time onto this.

It’s worth keeping an eye on the pandoravirus threat, as with previous XCOM games, it’s easy to lose track of time and for the alien attack to creep up on you. In Phoenix Point, the pandoravirus will become more aggressive and the enemies more powerful.

Of course, how long it takes you to complete Phoenix Point will depend on how distracted you get taking on side missions, or visiting new locations, but it’s worth having the story missions in mind. If you’re not ready to dive in on the Epic Games store, check out when Phoenix Point is coming to Steam, along with our glowing Phoenix Point review of the spiritual successor to the XCOM series.

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