Phoenix Point will be on Game Pass, but the devs “dropped the ball” on a simultaneous launch

You're going to have to wait for subscription access to the X-Com-like

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Phoenix Point released exclusively on the Epic Games Store, but – like The Outer Worlds and Metro Exodus earlier this year – it’s not quite a true exclusive. The Phoenix Point release date was set to see the game launch across the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC in addition to Epic, but you’ll currently find no trace of the game on those platforms.

“The fact is we dropped the ball,” the developers say in an announcement on the official forums. “We were exceedingly busy getting the game itself ready, and being inexperienced with Game Pass and the Microsoft Store, we simply had not properly prepared the groundwork to get the game released on time on these platforms.”

The devs say they had hoped to have the Game Pass version available as of yesterday, but issues with certification and legal review have held up some of the content that is available on other platforms. “Since we want to make sure all players have access to all versions of Phoenix Point regardless of where they choose to play, we need to get this working before we can release.”

As it stands, there is no ETA for Phoenix Point’s release on Game Pass or the Microsoft Store. “Please know we are working as hard and as quickly as possible with our partners at Microsoft to resolve these issues and will keep you informed.”

Check out our Phoenix Point review for more details on the X-Com-like. In short, it’s a terrific successor to the alien invasion formula, even if it isn’t the genre-defining classic that its predecessor was. We’ve also got plenty of strategy games to recommend if you’re waiting to see Phoenix Point on other platforms.