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Phoenix Point Steam Workshop support allows custom campaigns

XCOM-successor Phoenix Point now supports custom campaigns and mods thanks to Steam Workshop integration, and all the skins are free

Phoenix Point Steam Workshop support: An armoured soldier fires a massive laser machine gun at a huge four-legged alien creature approaching in the distance on a ruined city street

XCOM successor Phoenix Point now allows for the creation of custom campaigns and other mods. The Complete Edition of Phoenix Point has now arrived on Steam, and in addition to including all six DLC packs that have launched since the strategy game’s Steam release two years ago, this edition also adds Steam Workshop support.

Steam Workshop support arrived in Phoenix Point’s ‘Hastur’ update earlier this month – the game’s final update, as it happens. This means players can create their own new additions to Phoenix Point, including fully custom campaigns, new weapons, or just about anything else.

Phoenix Point’s Workshop integration actually includes an additional set of features that allows users, and not just the modders themselves, to fine-tune the difficulty of any mod they try out. Every mod can be tweaked in order to strike the right balance of difficulty – there’s a built-in mod menu that lets you specify the amount of resources you start with, the tactical difficulty modifier, how many starting soldiers you get, and more.

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Snapshot Games has also included a custom campaign of its own, in order to “demonstrate what creators can do with modding, while also allowing a greater degree of customization when it comes to kicking off your campaigns”.

“Our programming team has worked very hard to make modding work because we are excited to see what the community brings to the table for Phoenix Point – and for everybody to experience the existing mods that can now be brought over to Steam,” the devs write.

Since Hastur is the last update for Phoenix Point, the developers have unlocked all the cosmetic soldier skins across all platforms for everyone who plays Phoenix Point. That includes some console-only skins released on Xbox and PlayStation, plus a the new ‘Aztec Priest’ and ‘Pandoran Technician’ skins as well.

If you’re still on the fence, the Phoenix Point Complete Edition bundle is 45% off the usual price through August 1.