This Ace Attorney bot turns Reddit threads into courtroom drama


Sometimes when I say I’m doing work what I’m actually doing is messing around with silly, fun bots other people have made. The latest one I’ve been toying around with is an Ace Attorney bot that turns certain Reddit threads into a courtroom drama scene.

Getting it all to work requires a few things. First up you should sign up to Steamtable and Reddit, and bot creator Micah Price explains that you’ll need to “set the appropriate env vars to use the bot”. You’ll also need to download the game sprites from court-records, and the music from khinsider.

Once that’s all out the way, you can head to any of the subreddits the bot supports and type in ‘!objectionbot’ or ‘!objection-bot’ to get things rolling. While not every subreddit is supported, there are plenty to try. You can head to the Politics or Soccer pages if you like, but I went straight to CyberpunkGame – what can I say? It’s topical. Subreddits for Destiny 2, Star Citizen, and Fortnite are also supported – have fun.

You can see the bot running through a thread in the Confession subreddit below:

YouTube Thumbnail

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