Pillars of Eternity expansion The White March Part 1 out tomorrow, new trailers detail weapons and areas

Pillars of Eternity

Fraser rather liked Pillars of Eternity when he reviewed it, blessing the game with that most hallowed of scores the PCGamesN ten out of ten which is better than other tens because it kinda rhymes. He (and, hopefully, you) will be ecstatic to learn that the first expansion for the game, White March Part 1, arrives tomorrow after having been announced at E3. Some last-minute videos from Obsidian reveal more tantalising details on what it will contain.

The first details the areas and dungeons that are being added with White March:

I’m still a huge fan of Pillars of Eternity’s aesthetic, even after all this time. The environments and characters lookso good whether they’re static or moving around. The game itself isn’t really my jam but I can just stare at it for hours. I particularly like the snowy town here, with the green pools contrasting so well with the pure-white surroundings.

The second video is all about Soulbound Weapons, a new type of armament available in the expansion:

I’m a big fan of this additional levelling of equipment idea that’s seeped into a few RPGs. It only really works when a magical element is present, but it gives a sense of character to not only your protagonists but their weapons of war as well. I wouldn’t want it on every piece of gear in my party either, at least not until I’d played for a large amount of time – they should be properly legendary artifacts that take time and effort to find.

White March is out tomorrow, though I can’t seem to find pricing details anywhere. A quick glance on the fan reddit would suggest they haven’t been announced. Chances are it’ll show up on the official page somewhere when it’s available.