Pillars of Eternity version 3.0 adds several updates, to launch with next expansion

Pillars of Eternity Update 3.0

Alongside the release of Pillars of Eternity’s forthcoming The White March – Part 2 expansion, Obsidian and Paradox have today announced a series of new updates that are en route to their esteemed cRPG.

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The incoming updates include tweaks to the game’s combat UI, so as to make it more streamlined. Knockout injuries also make bouts that bit harder and make rest outwith fights all the more important.

Stronghold updates mean adventurers now have unique stories and rewards, and visitors will turn up at your door with “interesting dilemmas”. Sounds ominous. If you’ve got the mettle, new questlines will see you challenge for the castle itself.

Full details with regards to all of this can be found in this here developer video:

Together with part two of The White March, Version 3.0 brings the first chapter of Pillars of Eternity to a close. Both the update and the expansion are due to arrive the week after next on February 16.