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Surprise Pillars of Eternity update stops players being given free DLC

Nine-year-old Obsidian RPG Pillars of Eternity gets an update as players run into save transfer issues and an issue giving access to DLC.

Pillars of Eternity update - A group gathers outside a large house with a water wheel in this fantasy CRPG.

From Fallout New Vegas and Alpha Protocol to The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment has brought us a lot of very memorable RPGs over the years, among which is its 2015 fantasy adventure Pillars of Eternity. If you missed it at the time, it sits alongside the likes of Dragon Age and Larian’s Divinity Original Sin games, the precursors to Baldur’s Gate 3, as some of the most interesting choice-driven PC RPGs. Now, nine years after launch, a new update has just rolled out.

The latest update for Pillars of Eternity fixes a couple of crucial issues with the RPG. Primarily, Obsidian notes that this patch “Fixes an issue that caused some users to receive DLC content and/or backer items without having proper access to them.”

If you’ve encountered it, after the new patch arrives you might find your save game will not load. If you don’t want to roll back to an older save, you’ll need to contact Obsidian directly with a support ticket including your Steam or GOG username along with a copy of one of the affected save games.

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Alongside this comes another fix for a problem that was blocking saves from being exported from the first game to its sequel. Obsidian notes that, after you’ve patched the game, you’ll need to load it back up in PoE 1 and re-save in order to import it to PoE 2.

The patch also removes some duplicate asset bundles, so if you’ve got the game installed you’ll notice it’s shrunk in size slightly. On the other hand, if you haven’t but are looking for something new to scratch that Baldur’s Gate 3 itch, Pillars of Eternity is always a great option.

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