Watch Pillars of Eternity for a whole hour, and feel great about it

Pillars of Eternity livestream

The Pillars of Eternity livestream from yesterday has been archived and made ready for your eyes and ears at any time. Watch Obsidian’s Josh Sawyer loot, murder and chat his way through towns, countryside and, of course, gloomy dungeons for an hour. If you could fill an hour a day with a fantasy adventure, you know you’d be a better person for it.

It’s like being in a rundown tavern, with Sawyer regaling you with tales of his adventures, as a dwarf and an elf brawl in the corner.

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With Pillars of Eternity not far away at all, it’s due out on March 26th, I confess a great deal of anticipation. When Jeremy and I took the backer’s beta for a spin last year, it got its hooks in me. If you fancy seeing what we made of the RPG, back then, take a gander at our fireside chat.