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Pitch perfect: here's some match footage from Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 promises to be every bit as violent as its predecessor.

Back when Dawn of War was the only real prospect of PC gaming in a war-only future, we used to moan. We used to hanker after the one-to-one adaptations of Games Workshop’s more accomplished tabletop games they weren’t commissioning.

Well: be careful what you wish for. Space Hulk happened, and it wasn’t so hot. Cyanide’s Blood Bowl had a buggy beginning, but fared better - by the time of its Legendary Edition, it’d built up a committed amateur league following.

With Blood Bowl 2, Cyanide plan to deliver on that initial promise that kept players fighting through the bugs with a more accessible, feature-heavier revision of the formula. Here’s what it looks like.

The two teams on show are old Blood Bowl favourites - the Humans of the Reikland Reavers and the Orcs of Gouged Eye. Both have been re-animated and modelled for the sequel’s new graphics engine.

The stadiums will be “scalable”, and seen for the most part via the flashy dynamic camera angles showcased in the trailer.

Cyanide are especially keen on their commentary duo, Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford, who they reckon “faithfully convey the thrills and fury so typical of the intense clashes in Blood Bowl”.

What else? An “ambitious” solo campaign, a Football Manager-style League mode, and the promise of as-yet-unannounced innovation in the multiplayer mode that so inspired a community.

Are you excited for a new iteration of Blood Bowl? Or does eSports mean something different to you now than it did in 2009?

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Dog Pants(1 day 20 hours played)
4 Years ago

Well it's pretty, but it doesn't really show us anything of how the game's actually played. By the sounds of it though they're keeping the living rulebook turn based game, which is the important bit. The original did lack a bit of depth - they added a strange, almost puzzle-like mode in Legendary edition which was a nice diversion from the long string of matches that was the career mode, but it was only really lip service to a proper campaign. Something with a Football Manager style metagame between matches could be really good. Hopefully they'll put in a more intuitive multiplayer GUI and more star players. I can't really think of anything more they need to add.