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Last chance to get early access to Planet Coaster as Frontier plunges into Alpha 3

Planet Coaster alpha

Planet Coaster, Frontier's upcoming theme park-building sim game, will be moving to Steam from August 23 as the Alpha 3 version of the game is released.

Remember the halcyon days when theme park managers were the best old games on PC?

This means that, as of August 25, the game will no longer be available to buy as an early access alpha pass from the Fontier Store, instead switching to offering two release pre-orders on the Steam store.

If you want into the final alpha stages of the game's development, you'll need to buy one of the early bird options from the Frontier Store before the 25th or hold your peace for an indeterminate amount of time.

Once the move to Steam is complete, the standard game will be available to pre-order for £26.99/€33.99/$40.99, while the Thrillseeker Edition will contain a golden hat and King Coaster mascot for your in-game avatar, a digital sketchbook and the game's soundtrack for £29.99/€37.99/$44.99.

The Thrillseeker Edition will also grant you beta access, but Frontier have yet to announce when the game will reach the next phase of development.

If you're already an owner of one of the Early Bird options then you'll need a Steam account to continue playing after August 23, and several other small clarifications of the process can be found in the FAQ.

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Harbinger73 avatarSkankwOn avatar
Harbinger73 Avatar
1 Year ago

Anyone who is not planning on buying the Alpha but is considering pre-ordering the final game should definitely do so via Frontier's own store before the change on August 25th.

Not only is the price cheaper than both of the new options (£19.99/€26.99/$29.99) but you'll also receive all of the frills of the Thrillseeker Edition from the current standard pre-order.

SkankwOn Avatar
1 Year ago

Very tempted. I presume you're playing it, what are your thoughts so far on the Alpha please?

Harbinger73 Avatar
1 Year ago

It's looking very impressive so far but the Alpha is mainly limited to the sculpture/design of your park right now as there's no management aspect of the game yet.

It mainly appeals to the artistic types right now and it's amazing to see what's been done by some of the community such as Silvarett, Kukamonda & Skye Storm to name a few. You should definitely check out their Youtube videos if you have some free time on your hands.

Although I purchased the Alpha I can't say I've spent that much time playing it to date, I'm not as talented as the rest of the community and I don't really want to burn myself out as I've done on other pre-release games. I'll no doubt check out Alpha 3 when it lands though.