Traumatise your guests with Planet Coaster’s new multi-drop tower and Mind Melt coaster

Planet Coaster's new Magnificent Rides DLC is out now

Planet Coaster’s latest DLC, the Magnificent Rides Collection, is out now – and it adds ten iconic theme park rides from past and present (counting one variant).

These include five flat rides, such as a new tower from which sadists can drop their guests – repeatedly, if you’re the type who used to put your Sims in the pool and then delete the ladder. There’s also the classic Grand Carousel for all your Mary Poppins recreations, but obviously the highlights are the roller coasters. The new additions include the SLV – a “much-requested” retro coaster – and the Mind Melt, a “brutally unforgiving” inverted coaster. Finally, there’s the Vector, which, with options for both a chain lift and a linear synchronous motor (LSM) launch system, is “Planet Coaster’s most flexible coaster yet”, according to developer Frontier.

For guests/wimps preferring a more relaxed experience, the new Tracker is a new carriage for tracked rides that moves in three dimensions and seats eight people, and is reminiscent of the Men in Black shooting ride from Universal Studios. If that’s still too intense, a chairlift has also been added, enabling you to transport guests from place to place while offering them the best views of your creation.

You can check out a selection of the new rides in the trailer below, or read about them in detail in the announcement on Steam. The Magnficent Rides pack comes with a patch that also fixes a range of bugs, tweaks the UI, and makes some small adjustments to restaurants and hotels – click here for the full notes.

Planet Coaster is on Steam here and the Magnificent Rides Collection, out now, can be found here – it’ll set you back $10.99 USD (£7.99 GBP).

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While most Planet Coaster DLC falls into the category of themed packs – the spooky pack, vintage pack, or movie studios pack, you get the idea – Magnificent Rides is the first to add new rides and nothing else.