This Planet Coaster Moonraker ride is one of the best fan creations we’ve seen

Planet Coaster Moonraker

Planet Coaster is easily the best sandbox for creating the theme park of your dreams, packed with tools that allow you to let your imagination go wild with your creations. One fan has created a James Bond: Moonraker ride and it’s super impressive.

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In the video showing it off, the creator gives us a park-visitor perspective on the ride, from the ornate queue right on through to space. The ride kicks off in Venice, taking us through gunfights and pyrotechnics in the canals.

We’re then taken through every major location in the movie, travelling to Brazil, snaking through the skies above the Amazon, and launching into space before curling around a wonderfully-realised space station.

Check it out in the video above and see if it inspires you to make something cool.