Create your own winter wonderland with Planet Coaster’s winter update

Planet Coaster Winter Update

As temperatures plummet and the holiday season draws near, Planet Coaster developer Frontier have released a free winter update for their theme park simulator. Adding in a snowy biome, new rides and more management features, this update should give you plenty to do on those long winter nights.

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Winning their community poll with 41.57% of the vote, the Collider ride has been added in this update, alongside the Bumpin’ Derby attraction. The former is a horizontal Ferris wheel, with a retro sci-fi aesthetic while the latter is the old fairground favourite of bumper cars. Sticking with the wintery theme, a special Sleigh Ride attraction has been added to transport attendees round the park, as well as a new Iron Horse train. Alongside these rides, five new shops are now in the mix, with stalls selling donuts, pizza, snow-cones and even some healthy options.

Improvements have been made to the management system as well, with park owners now being able to globally set prices and sync up rides, as well as the ability to set multiple staff members of the same type around your park.

All of the details, including new ride blueprints, scenarios and scenery options are available on the official Planet Coaster website and check out the trailer above to see all of these winter features in motion.