Hit it: PlanetSide 2 hit detection problems encountered, fixed

PlanetSide 2 hit detection

You’ve got a sneaky Vanu soldier in your sights, and she hasn’t spotted you. You take a deep breath, look on either side of the ridge you’re perched on - just to make sure you’re alone - and then you fire, right at the Vanu’s skull. Nothing happens. She scarpers, and you’re left without a kill. 

If this has happened to you, then you might have been a victim of dodgy hit detection. SOE’s John Smedley explained, on Reddit, that it may have affected up to 20 percent of players at one point or another. A fix is up on the public test server at the moment. 

“[T]his team is awesome and this happened the right way,” said Smedley. “From players complaining, to our team who dug until they found it.” Problems like these can be challenging, he explained, and they take time to put to rest.

Smedley said that the issue was discovered in the logs, and that it wasn’t obvious. “Basically our hit detection code was throwing out shots in certain circumstances,” he clarified. 

Have you encountered some hit detection issues yourself? Jump into the PTS and see if it’s better now. 

Smedley confirmed that other problems were also being looked into, particularly memory leaks. 

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Dog Pants Avatar
Dog Pants(16 days 18 hours played)
3 Years ago

I'm pretty sure I'd be the best Planetside 2 player in the world if it wasn't for this.

Fraser Brown Avatar
3 Years ago

I was thinking exactly the same thing. Imagine that.

BraveToaster Avatar
3 Years ago

"Smedley confirmed that other problems were also being looked into, particularly memory leaks."

This game has been officially released for like, a year and a half now and they're only JUST NOW going after the problems that made me not wanna touch it.

Well done