Merry Auraximas as Daybreak release festive update for Planetside 2

Snowmen Planetside 2

While the guns may not fall silent for a holiday truce, the world of Auraxis still celebrates something during the winter period. In the latest update for Planetside 2, Daybreak have brought back the Merry Auraximas event, alongside two new rocket launchers and armour sets.

Fire off a few rounds this Christmas with some of the PC’s best first person shooters.

On the icy continent of Esamir, Snowmen have sprung up to celebrate the winter holidays. These festive foes do grant XP when killed with special Golden Snowmen dropping additional XP and a prized loot piece upon death. On the less snowy continents, Stonemen appear to complement their frigid friends, so look out for any of these jolly souls when you’re next besieging an enemy location.

Special Christmas hats and weapons are available for soldiers to buy, along with the Snowball Gun and the Icikill Knife. As part of the festivities, ammo boxes are now full of sweets while C4 packages look like presents. Be careful of any suspicious looking presents sitting under your Sunderer this Auraximas.

This update also brings two new weapons; the NSX Masamune and the Rocklet Rifle. The quad-barrelled Masamune deals Decimator-level damage, both scoped and unscoped while the miniature Rocklet Rifle provides Light Assaults with anti-vehicle capabilities. The Masamune fires four unguided rockets when fired from the hip, dealing massive damage at close range. When aiming down sights, players fire a rocket barrage which can be guided into targets mid flight.

The Rocklet Rifle’s normal rounds cause flak explosions when fired at enemy aircraft and deal moderate damage to grounded vehicles. Dedicated users can unlock more specialized ammo for the Rocklet Rifle, increasing its utility.

For details on all of the bug fixes, the new Tier 3 MSX Directive and the new cosmetic armour options for the Terran Republic, check out the extensive patch notes over on the Planetside 2 website.

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