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Planetside 2 grows space pumpkins in today's update

Planetside 2: all hallowed up.

Did you know? Space pumpkins boast a variety of medical and scientific uses over their plainer, earth-bound cousins. If you didn’t, not to worry: you’re about to become rapidly acquainted with the orange wonderfruit’s interstellar variant.

In a fortuitously seasonal mix-up, a ship-load of pumpkins has been spilled evenly over the surface of Auraxis. The galaxy’s fruit-pickers aren’t equipped with the necessary training to enter that famous warzone, so it’ll be up to Auraxis’ soldiers to send pumpkin seeds along their way.

Your mission, should you choose to suspend your po-faced shooty persona for a little while, is to find space pumpkins dotted throughout the map, destroy them, and bring their seeds to designated SPS drop-off zones. 

Space pumpkins will only spawn during designated one-hour spurts - temporary replacements for Territory Control alerts. The empire that has destroyed the most pumpkins by the end of the alert locks the continent.

You’ll be rewarded for your efforts, natch - these seeds can be used to purchase seasonal masks, equippable only during Planetside's Nanite of the Living Dead events.

Some outposts have been “frightened” into adopting new names, and new Halloween directives await completion.

The whole directives system has been revamped, actually. You can now track your objective progress on the HUD, a summary screen has been added to the Directives UI, and directive category progress bars have been added to the navigation buttons.

Today’s patch also brings changes to optics, experience rewards, grenade assists and more. You can find the full changelog on the following page. Downtime begins at 6am PDT.

Which games’ Halloween events are you planning on participating in this year?

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