Planetside 2 to receive deployable automated turrets; "the lethality of these turrets is still being discussed" | PCGamesN

Planetside 2 to receive deployable automated turrets; "the lethality of these turrets is still being discussed"

Planetside 2 Turrets

Systems and UI design lead, Jon Weathers, has revealed plans to add an automated deployable sentry turret for the Engineer class in Planetside 2. The addition could come as soon as next month, but not until extensive playtesting has been held on the PTS server.

“If our tests go well, we are aiming for auto-turrets to go live late November/early December.” said Weathers.

Currently in the game, Engineers have access to two types of manned turrets in both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle form. But to those who played the original Planetside game, you’ll remember there was an automated variety too for each empire.

The design concept is still in-progress, but Jon Weathers took to the forum to announce their plans, and also receive feedback from the community. “We’re planning to add auto-turrets within the next couple months.” announced Weathers. “These turrets will likely be stationary and only available to the Engineer class. The lethality of these turrets (ex: are they just early warning detectors or are they area denial killing machines?), along with many other details, is still being discussed. As we solidify the design, we’ll update this post with the progress.”

As with any new update, it will first have to go through the process of being tested in a live environment: the PTS server. “The current plan is to have a stress test on the Public Test Server with prototype turrets in late October/early November to evaluate server performance.” said Weathers. “We’ll need a sizable population on PTS to get useful data so we’ll organize a time, date and testing instructions when we’re ready. If our tests go well, we are aiming for auto-turrets to go live late November/early December.”

I think it should replace the primary weapon slot on the Engineer class entirely, but still leave them with their pistol for close combat self defence. In what way do you think automated turrets should be added to the game?

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RavenHawk Avatar
3 Years ago

They have their priorities in the wrong place.

Features the community is yearning for such as the completion of the half-assed resource revamp, outfit/platoon overhaul, as well as things like continental lattice and battle islands that the devs kept talking about.

But instead there's gimmicky shit instead. Their next biggest project consists of melee weapons (cosmetics and functionality).

The way their roadmap works is that upvoted things are ignored and ignored things are implemented.

That said, I still play the game regularly. I'm just getting frustrated at the apparent lack of focus.

Klypto Avatar
3 Years ago

Higby already explained that they are down a UI programmer which is a key piece, so doing things like the mission system or the resource system are waiting on that. Meanwhile the coders and artists are working on things like you described.

johnukguy Avatar
3 Years ago

Uhuh and that was five months ago. What's the excuse now? And aren't you the kid who always makes excuses for cheats in the game? Yeah, thought so and you also continually make excuses for the piss poor performance and the still broken core mechanics.

Htorne Avatar
3 Years ago

Uhhh shinny - It's a ballsy move by SOE, but I know they have been good admitting to screw ups in the past, when it comes to PS2, sooooo, if they screw this up I'm confident they will fix it or remove it fairly fast.

Also should not be something a sticky grenade can't solve.

Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

I'm not sure where these are going to sit, tactically. Static area denial will make defence a little easier when you have fewer people, and since people tend to prefer to be on the defensive that should help. Make them too powerful - say as tough as a normal infantry turret - and they could be open to abuse. Imagine half a dozen of them sat outside a spawn point. Too weak though and they'll be useless. It'll be a fine balancing act, although they seem to work in Team Fortress 2.