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New weapons coming to Planetside 2 tomorrow, with new anti-air promised next week


John Smedley is like an international telesales arms dealer; the most public hustler imaginable. Why, only today he went and opened up his coat to show off his wares on Twitter, the brightest-lit street corner there is. There hanging from an inside pocket were new Planetside 2 weapons, due to enter the game tomorrow.

“Tomorrow Thursday we have new weapons,” Smedley told followers. “New sniper and carbines.”

“Next week awesome new anti vehicle (including anti air you rocket pod haters) weapon.”

Fans immediately began to express concerns that more anti-air equipment would only make life harder for heat-seeker harried pilots, but Smedley told them “not to worry”.

“This stuff is balanced. I’m a pilot myself,” he added.

Are you a rocket pod hater?

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