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A new you: PlanetSide 2 gets implants and gives the medic class a fresh coat of paint

PlanetSide 2 implant update

PlanetSide 2 has been in for a spot of surgery, and has come out with some implants. Not pert buttocks or enhanced pecs, but bits of tech implanted into soldiers that allow them greater flexibility, improving loadout choices. 

Three tiers of implants are available to players, and everyone will receive a tier-1 implant: Enhanced Targeting to kickstart the body modification craze. More implants can “drop”, a bit like a traditional loot system but absent the actual act of looting, or can be purchased for certs or Station Cash. 

You can see how these flashy new enhancements work from SOE’s dev highlight from earlier this month.

Along with the implants, the latest game update brings with it a slew of improvements and bug fixes. One of the most significant is the medic class, which has been refreshed, and not just with a tasty, cold summer beverage. The medic update throws new rifles specific to the class into the mix, adds another certification into the suit slot and tweaks a bunch of abilities. Take a gander below.

New Combat Medic Assault Rifles

  • NC-9 A-Tross
    • The NC’s A-Tross was created as the ultimate in heavy-hitting, long-range assault rifles. Featuring a 30-round magazine and an overclocked propulsion coil firing a high-damage projectile, the A-Tross can drop targets at even distant ranges. (Are you seriously not overclocking your propulsion coil? )
  • TORQ-9
    • The Terran Operations Rifle is a favorite amongst TR who feel at home with an all-around performer. Deadly accurate with fast reload assists for its 40 round magazine, the TORQ-9’s versatility and ease of use make it a solid choice in combat.
  • Terminus VX-9
    • The Vanu’s shadowy VX Labs launched the Terminus VX-9 shortly after joining the war. Engineered with advanced cooling systems that allow for its high rate of fire, the Terminus allows users to hold their ground at close-to-medium ranges. (You may also remember VX Labs as creators of stealth rations where proved unpopular with most VS troops.)

Medic Updates

  • Combat Medics can now use Battle rifles (Warden, AMR-66, and Eidolon VE33) for their primary weapon. (Leave them alone, they’ve been working out)
  • Combat Medic now has access to the Adrenaline Pump certification in their suit slot.
  • Triage now heals allies who are outside of the vehicle if they are within 5 meters. (Now you see the TRUE power of nanites!)
  • Heal Grenades
    • Heal rate increased from 60 hp per second to 100 hp per second
    • Detonate time is now faster, from 3 to 2 seconds
    • Increased heal range to 10 meters
  • Fixed last two ranks of the medic’s default heal ability regening the timer during use, causing active duration to be inconsistent. All ranks of the medic ability now match the cert upgrade descriptions. (If you didn’t notice this then….carry on soldier. Nothing to see.)
  • The last cert rank of the medic’s default ability now adds +1 meter to the ability range.

Check out the full patch notes here.