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Planetside 2 beta could launch tomorrow, priority access given to active subscribers


That crafty Planetside 2! Where is it? It was scheduled to enter external beta on “Monday or Tuesday” of this week, but that pin-sharp release date has now been shifted to “Friday or Monday, barring any unforeseen circumstances”, SOE have told us. John Smedley tweets that “the team is working like crazy” to polish and test the MMOFPS before the dev finally throws open the doors to a throng of salivating public beta testers. But who’s at the front of the queue? Is it you?

An SOE spokesperson clarified the order in which waves of beta keys would be released: “External Beta invites will be sent out in waves on an as needed basis, with priority given to active Planetside subscribers, inactive past subscribers and then Priority Beta Code and opt-in registrants, in that order.”
The first invites will fly into the inboxes of those who deserve them most then – the current Planetside subscribers -which seems fair enough really. External Beta participants will be under a non-disclosure agreement on entry to the beta as well, meaning you won’t be allowed to phone up your mum and list off all the secret guns. It’s pretty much how James Bond feels when he signs up for early beta access to huge, persistant, vehicle and squad-based online shooters.

Keep an eye on Planetside2.com. There’s a real chance you’ll be playing the thing this weekend.