Planetside 2 beta footage covers the scale of the online war


The overwhelming impression left on me so far by the hours spent in the Planetside 2 beta is simply the game’s immense scale. Geographically large, yes, but also the sheer multitude of players, all fighting one another. It’s impressive. A new video from SOE captures something of that.

The footage was captured by a group of players called Black Widow Company and has been uploaded to the official Planetside 2 Youtube channel:

I’m looking forward to SOE releasing some of the statistics of the beta, number of player involved in a single battle, total number of deaths during teh trial, bullets fired, that sort of thing. The quantity must be huge at the point.

The footage doesn’t show anything of the new new continents, unfortunately. Though we’ve a trailer of the ice continent, Esamir,and the Scotland biome, Amerish, so don’t fret.