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Planetside 2 Beta imminent


Update: The President of SOE, John Smedley, has tweeted that the Planetside Beta is going to be starting on Monday at 2pm, if everything goes to plan. That’s sooner than sooner than soon. That’s only a weekend away! It’s time to start dusting off those bespoke driving gloves that make piloting a Galaxy such a joy. And make sure your hands still fit in them.

The Planetside 2 Beta, that holy grail of shooty bangs with many men on three different sides, is looking like it’s right around the corner, just a few formalities away from becoming a reality. John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment, stated that “Some bug to fix but tech test will begin in the next 2 days followed by beta (assuming all goes ok).” Which means that, Vanu willing, we’re going to be playing Planetside 2 Beta in some form or another in the next month or two.

The game itself has been showing up all over, mostly at trade shows like E3 and GDC, and while we’ve yet to actually get our grubby mitts on it, the massive trailers where they show off the moment to moment of Planetside 2, from giant aerial assaults to the trundly rumble of a dozen tanks or more have been more than enough to convince. If you’ve not signed up to the Planetside 2 Beta like a nincompoop, you can do so here.
So yes. Planetside 2 Beta. Soon. Sooner than soon. Ok not quite that soon. Get excited.