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Planetside 2 beta is a “true beta”, say SOE, so we can expect bugs in it


The Planetside 2 beta is very much underway, and SOE are starting to see results, says creative director Matt Higby: “We’re finding every day more and more stuff that needs to get fixed.” But there’ll be more, and players shouldn’t go in expecting one of those fancy, newfangled bug-free betas.

Says senior art director Tramell Isaac: “People have got to understand – this is a true beta. This is not like some, ‘Oh yeah, try the game for free, we’re in beta, we’re going to release in two weeks’”.

“We’re doing it old school,” adds Higby in a new Planetside 2 Command Center update. “We’re putting it out there with bugs in it, beta testers are there to help us find stuff.”

“The only way to test Planetside 2 is to put a whole bunch of people in there, in the meat grinder, and watch what falls out,” continues Isaac.

Adds Higby: “We need to see thousands of people fighting. And they need to be doing it for weeks and weeks so we can figure out if the goals that last long periods of time actually work.”