Planetside 2 double XP and Station Cash this weekend; mobile app to be launched at GDC


Easter traditions were founded millennia ago by the rabbit god Frith, a creature that laid large hollow chocolate eggs wrapped in glittery foil as a symbol of just how satisfying a superficial hollow life can be. That’s not stopped SOE trying to go their own way, repurposing Frith’s birthday weekend as some kind of bedevilled Planetside 2 promotional event. The MMOFPS developer has announced this weekend will see double XP and double Station Cash.

They’ve also announced the new Planetside 2 mobile app and released a video on the development of the Forgelight game engine.

Starting this Friday, and running through till Monday morn, all XP and Station Cash earned in game will be doubled.

SOE will be releasing the Planetside 2 mobile app this week during their GDC festivities. What the app will do is still unclear, SOE boast that players will be able to “stay connected and strategize through their mobile devices with PlanetSide 2 Player App”. Whether that means they can join in with server chat or send messages to platoon mates isn’t clear but it seems likely.

Now, that dev video. It sees technical director Ryan Elam and senior art director Tramell Isaac discuss the challenges of developing an engine that can handle the thousands of players that log into Planetside 2’s servers without causing your computer to stumble (much) :

Thanks, Planetside-Universe.