Planetside 2 Hossin continent due in May, a year after originally planned


By all reports the Europe was development hell for God. Her work was set about with delays, budget cuts, and layoffs. It’s been 4.54 billion years but the department of continental creation still won’t release the records of how exactly Slough was commissioned.

With that in mind it’s somewhat more understandable how SOE still haven’t released Hossin, the new continent for Planetside 2 which was due for release in April last year.

Well, it has a new deadline. May, 2014. And that’s not the only thing.

SOE have gone through the Planetside 2 development roadmap and updated it in light of the time spent on OMFG: Operation Make Faster Game. The push to optimise the game saw a lot updates delayed. This is the new schedule:

  • January – performance improvements, Player Studio updates, spawn changes for both players and vehicles

  • February – mission system update, Infiltrator class update, voiceover packs, camo bundles, death screen update

  • March – outfit recruiting, outfit base capture refinement, Liberator class refresh, additional melee weapon customization, Player Studio attachments for the Harasser weapon

  • April – Combat Medic class update, Directives (introducing session-to-session goals), integrated tutorials, new alert types, outfit leaderboards

  • May – Hossin continent, continent locking, Sunderer vehicle update, Light Assault class revamp

  • June – resource system revamp, new alert type

Hossin’s clearly the biggest addition in the upcoming months but the mission system update and Directives could drastically change the game. Missions and directives will provide players with many more things to do during play, giving them direction to form platoons and work together. It will stop Planetside 2 from being simply a game about force of numbers territory capture and turn it into something more of a concerted military campaign.

Missions task small groups of players with infiltrating particular bases, hunting down a particular class of vehicle, and holding a particular section of the map. It forces players to concentrate their efforts in a particular area. This will provide you with a sense of small achievement in light of the constant ongoing war.

Fingers crossed then that SOE stick to this schedule.

Cheers, VG247.