Planetside 2 optimisations bring up to “30% increase in framerate.” Aiming for 23 October release


“Overall we’re running faster across all our hardware test cases, in some cases with up to a 30% increase in framerate, and we’re not even done yet,” said creative director Matt Higby. “We know everyone here is anxious for news so we wanted to share some tentative dates of when we expect to have some of these efforts released to you guys.”

That first major patch should be released on 23 October, “assuming that our testing goes well.”

“Our current schedule has us completing the changes for our first major optimization patch on October 9th, as soon as possible after that we’ll be patching things up to our Public Test server where we’ll be running a few events and focus tests to make sure things are stable and performance increases are being realized. Assuming that our testing goes well our hope is to deploy the first major optimization patch on October 23rd.

“As usual I have to caveat that dates can be slippery, and while we’ll make every effort to adhere to these dates, with engineering changes of the complexity and magnitude of those being undertaken by the team right now things can go wrong.”

This is just the first of the team’s major optimisations. Over the coming months we should a slew of updates that increase game speed and framerates on lower spec machines.