Planetside 2 roadmap shows plans for the next six months of development


The teething problems of an MMO can be many. The teething problems of a free-to-play MMO can often go unforgiven by its fledgling community, and once they’re gone it can be awhile till they come back, if ever. When the free-to-play MMO is Planetside 2, unique on the PC in its many-playered first-person shooteridge, all these problems are compounded.

SOE’s recently introduced roadmap should do wonders then to show which game problems the developer is aware of and in what order they plan on addressing them. Similarly it’s reassuring to see some of the new features we can look forward to.

The roadmap only goes so far as June and considering we’ve heard plans of what SOE would like to include a few years down the line that may seem a little too short-sighted. That said, we’re seeing a great deal of development for six months.

I’ve listed some highlights below but you can read the full list here (and join in on the discussion):


  • Rendering distance based on threat
  • More secure spawn rooms at smaller outposts
  • SMGs


  • Loudout screen revamp
  • Orbital strike


  • Player-generated missions
  • Color blind support
  • Class revamp: light assault


  • New continent: Hossin


  • Resource revamp


  • Outfit base capture
  • Outfit tournaments