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Planetside 2 roadmap video details recent changes: alert systems, service ribbons, and


Play in Planetside 2 has got a tad more focused with a recent run of updates SOE have released. Special planetwide objectives draw in players from all over the server to meet in merry combat at specific locations and service ribbons are rewarded for particular achievements. There are also a couple of added extras for subscribers.

Alerts are a new way of directing the action on Auraxis. They’re irregular special objective events that should pop up for a limited time and offer enough of an xp and credit reward that it would be foolish not to drop whatever you’re doing and take part. This does also mean that alert events will be a little like a light bulb amongst a swarm of moths, expect things to get messy. Even if you don’t take part in the events, if your faction wins, you’ll be rewarded.

Service ribbons are a neat little feature (and, frankly, a little surprising that they weren’t included earlier): they’re badges awarded to players after special acts of heroism – triple kills, say – they can be repeated and each time one is won it comes with a 250 xp bonus. Also, to encourage varied play, you receive an extra 250 xp for the first time you win a bonus that day. So, if you rotate your classes and play to different strengths you can maximise your rewards.

Planetside 2 members being treated to an exclusive daily equipment sale and are also gaining a bonus three character slots. So that’s nice.