PlanetSide 2: Terran Republic weapon guide


Planetside 2 is about as spectacular as war gets; a massively multiplayer first-person shooter in which you are just a small cog in a grand war effort. You should try it. It’s great.

If you’re already playing, though, you’ll face some tough decisions. Planetside 2 is a free-to-play game, and new guns and toys are are expensive, either in time, or Station Cash. 

PCGamesN mostly plays as the Terran Republic; so they are the focus in this loadout guide, we’ve spent a vast amount of Station Cash to try as many of the Terran weapons as we possible can. 

We’ll add to this guide as we try more weapons and as SOE alter the balance of the game.

There is a lot you can do to your classes to make them unique and more importantly, more effective. Every class has special equipment, weapons, weapon attachments and universal upgrades. All of this can make creating a cohesive loadout quite a daunting task.

A quick note: in every loadout I recommend taking the TX1 Repeater as your pistol of choice. It’s the default pistol for all classes and does it job when it comes to those “oh shit” moments. It will net you a kill on a target if you manage to hit all your bursts and is only recommended for close range engagements. Always defer to this weapon when you have a primary weapon with a high reload time.

I also won’t be covering MAX suits, as they have three pretty self explanatory weapons for dealing with infantry, ground armour and air armour respectively.

Here are my tried and tested loadouts for each class:


Infiltrator Loadouts

Infiltrators can not only be effective from a distant, but are equally lethal in close quarters thanks to their cloaking ability. Only the close minded will ignore this, instead using them solely as a sniping class. They can move inside enemy territory with ease, allowing them to scout out enemy compositions and relay that information back to command. Using their hacking tools they can disrupt the enemies ability to resupply, while giving it to their own allies. With the new addition of SMG’s, they are now deadly if they can close the ground on their prey, quickly dispatching them with a few rounds and a slash of their knife.



Find your closest firefight, preferably one that’s over a base. You want a vantage point that exposes your enemy the most, and most importantly can see behind the base. Getting kills is one thing, but relaying enemy reinforcements positions to fellow comrades takes priority over all. Once you have set up camp, take a second to scan the area for other potentially sneaky snipers and take them out. Avoid trying to kill zig zagging infantry and instead go for support classes like the Medic and Engineer. These are more likely to remain stationary as they go about their jobs, making life easier for you as you aim for their heads.

Don’t forget to spot targets, including enemy vehicles and incoming reinforcements. If you get spotted yourself activate stealth and choose another vantage point, which you should’ve planned beforehand.

Primary Weapon: M77-B

The default sniper weapon for the Terrans is, to be frank, terrible. It takes two headshots or up to four body shots to put an enemy down. Upgrade it as soon as you can to the M77-B.

This is the only sniper you will need as an Infiltrator.

It’s a nice and cheap 100 certs or 250 station cash.. It has one shot kill capabilities and a great fire rate for a bolt-action.

Some people prefer the RAMS .50M for its slightly higher damage and projectile speed, but in my eyes a headshot is a headshot. The RAMS .50M also costs a whopping 1000 certs or 700 Station Cash. Spend that extra resources somewhere else.

Suit Slot: Ammunition Belt

Unless you have a very patient engineer with you, you’re going to have to rely on your own ammunition supplies to last your outings. Each level gives you an extra magazine, which could be an extra five kills before you have to buck it back home.

Marksman Loadout


Although the sniper is the iconic role for an infiltrator, this loadout strikes a middle ground between sniping and being near the front lines. You will be concentrating on killing anything that moves, peppering a few controlled bursts into the enemies torso for easy kills. Ammo shouldn’t be a worry with engineers close by, so go for maximum damage. Keep in mind though that you are still fragile, so keep behind the meat shields and don’t be afraid to spot targets.

Primary Weapon: HSR-1

The HSR-1 is a great scout rifle for who like to be a little closer to the action than the typical sniper. It’s a semi-automatic with the options of a scope between 1x-6x. It costs either 1000 cert points or 700 station cash.

Suit Slot: Nanoweave Armour

You’re going to be in the firing line with this loadout, so the extra health is always a welcome addition. With this in mind however you should always run from incoming fire, using your cloak to lose the enemies attention.

Hacker Loadout


Now that Infiltrators have access to a great close quarters weapon, a spec-ops style of playing is now a possibility. Utilizing your cloak to get through the front lines and infiltrate bases, you will want to hack all the terminals you can. These will serve as your mobile resupply stations while also locking out the enemy from using them. Killing is a breeze if you can catch your enemies unaware. A simple burst of your SMG and a melee attack will suffice. If you can, hack a nearby vehicle terminal and spawn a Sunderer for your friends to spawn on to seal the deal. Don’t forget to use your Recon Detect Device to track enemy movements inside of those tight spaces.

Primary Weapon: SMG-46 Armistice

Recently introduced in Planetside 2’s second update, SMG’s bring the versatility of close quarter combat to nearly every class (apart from the MAX). The TR equivalent shines when getting close and personal, with a high rate of fire and a big magazine. They also allow you to move faster while aiming down the sights, with only a 25% movement penalty as opposed to the standard 50% suffered by other weapons. This will set you back 1000 cert points or 700 station cash. It’s expensive, a prime candidate to feature in future store sales.

Suit Slot: Advanced Shield Capacitor

This is a high risk loadout, so having a shorter delay between shield recharges helps relax those nerves in tight situations. You’re probably going to come under fire often, usually blitzing your shields before you can get away using your cloak. This suit slot helps you recover faster and more importantly, get back into the action quickly.


Light Assault Loadouts

If your favourite character of the Star Wars movies was either Boba/Jango Fett, you have come to the right place. Light Assaults have a jump jet strapped to their backs, enabling them to overcome vertical obstacles with ease. They really shine when attacking a base by jumping over the walls, or equally defending by flanking the enemies front line. They do have the lowest health and shields of all the classes, but they make up for it in maneuverability.

Skirmisher Loadout


I designed the Skirmisher for causing havoc inside an enemy base. Since you’re using a shotgun, tight and enclosed corridors are your friend. Breach the base using your jump jets and go hunting for some easy prey. Continue to utilise your jump jets even when you have breached: you can easily flank your enemies by using the rooftops. The only classes you have to be wary of are MAX’s and Heavy Assaults (if they manage to activate their shield in time), which will tear you apart. Don’t be afraid to get the hell out of dodge if you’re low on health/ammo. Your friends aren’t in the base to resupply you.

Primary Weapon: TS4 Haymaker

Shotguns in Planetside 2 are fickle weapons. You can go on a murderous killing spree one life, and miss nearly all your targets the next. It will take 2-3 hits with any of the available shotguns to score a kill, so I think the TS4 Haymaker provides the most benefit with two extra shots per magazine. Suddenly you’re looking at a potential four kills per magazine, instead of three. The TS4 Haymaker costs 1000 cert points or 700 station cash.

Suit Slot: Adrenaline Pump

While wielding a close quarter weapon, it’s important to be able to close the gap between you and your enemy. Although your jump jets will help you with this, they are more efficient at closing vertical distances. The Adrenaline Pump increases your sprint speed, making you much harder to hit while letting you get close to deal maximum damage.

Ranger Loadout


The main objective of this loadout is to constantly harass the enemy from elevated positions, making them split there fire between yourself and your incoming front line. A carbine gives you a great close and medium range capabilities, which is perfect when you’re perched atop of buildings. Don’t forget to jump into a Mosquito every now and then to get inside those pesky Biolabs, and you should be the first to raise your hand for a Galaxy drop. Caution is needed for enemies who hotdrop onto your location, so watch your six soldier!

Primary Weapon: TRAC-5

There is very little difference between all of the Terran Republic carbines. The default TRAC-5 is as good as any while being most importantly, free. Some argue that the LC2 Lynx is an upgrade, but I would argue it’s more of a sidegrade. It might have a higher fire rate, but it comes at the cost of a bigger recoil. Those extra shots are useless if they don’t hit your target.

Suit Slot: Ammunition Belt

You’re going to be on the rooftops a lot for this loadout, likely someplace where ammo is scarce. Taking this suit slot keeps you going for longer before having to retreat back to friendly faces.


Combat Medic Loadouts

Nicknamed “Harvesters”, Combat Medics get you back on your feet with their handy medical applicator. They got their morbid nickname because they are an easy class to farm experience points, taking shelter and reviving their gun-ho team mates over and over. A skilled Combat Medic however remembers that they too have a gun in their arsenal, able to balance out killing the enemy as much as keeping friends alive. Many don’t even realise that they can heal nearby teammates with their special nano-regen ability, all the while plugging bullets into the enemies front line.

Of course not, they would rather let you die only to revive you for more experience points.

Triage Loadout


This is a bog standard support role with the added benefit of being able to contribute to the fight. As much as it can be enticing to only revive fallen allies to gain a bigger chunk of xp, all your doing is creating more opportunities for the enemy to collapse on you. You will want to kill as much as heal, as being a stationary health dispenser in a stalemate isn’t going to win you that base you’re fighting over. Heal the people in the immediate area, but don’t make those rambo runs to try and be a hero. If five minutes have passed in a firefight and you haven’t spent all your ammo, you’re doing it wrong.

Primary Weapon: SABR-13

If you feel like you’re a good shot, this gun will be deadly and efficient. It has high damage and very high accuracy, boasting a two round burst for little recoil while conserving ammo. While you’re keeping your friends nice and green, you can hold your own against the incoming fire. I would advise staying out of close combat though, favouring moving forward with some friends in tow. If you don’t have the 1000 certs or 700 station cash to grab the SABR-13, the T1B Cycler is a three round burst variant of the default gun, at a much more wallet friendly 100 certs and 250 station cash.

Suit Slot: Grenade Bandolier

Having some extra healing or revive grenades can bring everyone back from a devastating attack from the enemy. It also allows you to send healing out to those in the thick of combat, while keeping your important ass safe. A dead Combat Medic likely won’t get revived since those “Harvesters” want all the experience points for themselves.

Sweeper Loadout


This loadout is intended to supplement a small group of soldiers sweeping out a base, hence the name. You will be their life blood when it comes to helping them endure the onslaught of the enemies defences. Unlike the Triage loadout, you will focus on keeping your buddies healthy more than scoring kills. By all means though, put that gun to good use, even if it’s just covering fire. This is really effective when teamed up with an Engineer and a MAX, giving them all the revives and healing they will ever need.

Primary Weapon: TS4 Haymaker / SMG-46 Armistice

You need a close quarters weapon for this loadout, either of the two will suit your needs. The TS4 Haymaker has more stopping power while the SMG-46 Armistice allows for greater mobility. It’s purely up to you which one you choose, but note that not every class can use shotguns, whereas every class apart from MAX’s can use the SMG. Hopefully that will help your decision when it comes to spending those all important resources.

Suit Slot: Flak Armour

Because you have the ability to heal yourself and your shields regenerate naturally, Flak Armour can be quite useful for those pesky grenades and rockets. If you can withstand an explosion that has taken the lives of your friends, you can get them back up to punish the enemy.


Engineer Loadouts

Master of all that is mechanical, the Engineer watch over your armour while keeping your troops full with bullets. They are also great at setting up defenses with their deployable turret, making their attackers cry with frustration. A no brainer for those that like to pilot the vast array of vehicles available to them in Planetside 2, Engineers can also be a great boon to any squad. Remember that Engineers are the only class that can repair a MAX, with Combat Medics only able to revive them.

Bus Driver Loadout


The loadout name might give it away, but you’re going to fulfill one of the most important jobs in Planetside 2. Grab yourself a Sunderer with the AMS upgrade so you’re mates can spawn at the center of the action. Your most important task is keeping that damn Sunderer alive, and you’re going to have a very fun time doing so. Every enemy will know that the key to stopping that incoming stream of reinforcements is to take out your Sunderer. The most lethal enemy is air vehicles, but you can mount the guns on the Sunderer to combat them. Don’t be afraid to relocate your Sunderer if incoming fire becomes overwhelming.

Primary Weapon: AMR-66

Think of battle rifles as a more mobile semi-automatic sniper. They pack a huge punch and have little to no recoil, allowing you to pick off targets with even modest skill. If you can find yourself a bit of suitable cover (a vehicle or your turret), you can safely shoot down targets that are beginning to threaten your position. Fire slowly and precisely to take advantage of that little recoil, even if you have a unlimited amount of ammo. The AMR-66 costs 1000 certs and 700 station cash.

Suit Slot: Utility Pouch

One of the biggest threat to your allies amour, is enemy armour. So naturally you’re going to want more of that C4 or tank mines to take care of them before they get into firing range. Use the extra supply to cover more weak spots on your defense.

Tower Defense Loadout


So you have a base that’s going to be under attack, it’s your job to defend it. Setup anti-personnel explosives at entrances and choke points. If and when they go off, you will have the added bonus of knowing you have incoming enemies. You will spend most of your time in the safety of your Mana Turret, an anti-infantry death machine with a shield to keep you safe. Set it up at a location where you can cover the most entrances into the base, or at a notoriously busy choke point. If you’re holding off the attack with ease, feel free to find a big friendly MAX and push the bad guys out of your house!

Primary Weapon: TRAC-5 (Burst)

Once again the default carbine for the Terran Republic is as good a carbine as any. With this loadout in particular, you will be using this gun as a last resort anyway, so I don’t see the point in putting any certs or cash down. If you prefer a three round burst variant of the TRAC-5, lay down the 100 certs or 250 station cash.

Suit Slot: Utility Pouch

This suit slot is key to this loadout, which is all themed around defending a base from infiltration. The more anti-personnel explosives you have, the more entrances you can cover to make your life easier the more focused you can be.


Heavy Assault Loadouts

These guys are the bread and butter of the front line, effective at murdering anything that moves. Typically seen with a big ass light machine gun, the enemy is usually forced into submission by the constant stream of bullets. Also available in their arsenal are rocket launchers, capable of taking out vehicles or enemy MAX’s. Their special ability is a great example of why they’re suited for heavy duty, allowing them to activate a secondary shield to protect them from damage.

Meat Shield Loadout


You are the spear that will smash through the enemies front lines, taking the brunt of their fortifications and obliterating them with suppression. Using your Nanite Mesh Generator shield, you can take on even those most fearsome of firepower and survive. Coupled with a Medic, you can repeatedly pummel the enemy into submission until they either give up or flee.

Primary Weapon: T9 CARV

It’s might be hard to believe, but SOE really do give you some decent default weapons. The T9 CARV has a huge rate of fire, clocking in at 750 rounds per minute. This means that the time to kill your target is ungodly short, providing you hit all your bullets. Recoil is manageable, meaning this gun performs notably at medium ranges. Anything close quarters might as well give up as you tear them apart.

Suit Slot: Nanoweave Armour

This is the “Meat Shield” loadout, so naturally you’re going to want as much buffer between you and your death as possible. Nanoweave Armour is incredibly cost efficient to start with, where one cert point gives you an extra 10% health.

“Heavy Weapons Guy” Loadout


Pure sustained fire will be your role, either shredding your enemies to pieces or keeping them locked down. A Medic accompanying you will maximise your potential, as you’re going to be making a lot of noise once that gun gets spinning. I would advise unlocking the Adrenaline Shield over using the standard Nanite Mesh Generator, as it recharges your capacitor per kill, something you’re going to be doing a lot of. Don’t be afraid to use your rocket launcher to deal with enemy armour, or infantry that are reluctant to leave the safety of their cover.

Primary Weapon: T7 Mini-Chaingun

The T7 Mini-Chaingun is no doubt the most fun use of my station cash in Planetside 2. It looks beautiful and equally deadly at it’s job. While it does take a second or two to spin up, once firing it rips apart infantry like a knife to butter. That being said, if someone catches you before you can spin up the gun, you’re as good as dead. The T7 Mini-Chaingun costs 1000 certs, or 700 station cash to unlock.

Suit Slot: Ammunition Belt

When you’re wielding the T7 Mini-Chaingun, it’s easy to blow through your entire ammo supply in just one engagement. With the Ammunition Belt, you get an extra magazine per level, up to a maximum of two. Might not sound like much, but each magazine for the T7 Mini-Chaingun holds a hundred rounds, and can be upgraded to hold even more.