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Planetside 2 test reveals the Harasser buggy and a MAX revamp


If you log in to the Planetside 2 test server today, like the teddy bears at their picnic, you’re in for a surprise. Ish. Two major additions to the game are now live: the Harasser buggy, a three-person jeep thing that has space for a MAX suit. 

And there’s a revamp of the MAX suits themselves. And those MAX suits might be a problem.

The new buggy will be available in faction specific variations. Think of it as a Planetside’s take on Halo’s Warthog: except alongside the gunner, you’ll be able to carry a stonking great MAX in a stompy robot suit.

Here’s a video. I kind of want one.

MAX suits are due to receive some huge ability revamps, set to make them even more formidable on the battlefield. They each will have faction specific ability, like the one shown below for the Terran Republic MAX suit, which can now anchor down for a damage boost.

There’s already some fear within the PS2 community that the increase in MAX suit damage may jeopardize Planetside 2’s balance. That video shows them demolishing a Reaver in seconds.

Here’s the full patch notes from the test server:

  • The Harasser buggy is now available to all factions on the test server. It’s a three-person vehicle with a driver, a gunner, and a (MAX capable) rumble seat.
  • The map and minimap should now respect your empire color selections.
  • VR zone consumables no longer eat your resources when resupplying them.
  • Explosives that are set to auto-resupply will now attempt to purchase up to the max equipped count for an item based on your available resources.
  • Placed deployables should no longer disappear (to your client) when you travel 300 meters away from them.
  • Added a toggle for the empire-colored explosion animations on the map.
  • Single-use camos are being hidden in the marketplace. Very few people use/purchase them, and with the recent loadout changes that show unpurchased items, they are bloating the UI.
  • Refactored the map UI so its performance should be significantly improved with the new hex system.
  • The new MAX abilities didn’t make this build, but they are super close to hitting the test server, so keep an eye out over the next few days; it shouldn’t be too long.

Thanks The Mittani.