Planetside 2 Ultimate Empire Showdown won by Total Biscuit despite Vanu victories


This weekend saw the first of Planetside 2’s Ultimate Empire Showdowns. The event spanned all of of SOE’s servers and tasked players with set challenges like capturing and holding a specific facility against the combined might of the enemy empires.

While the event was pan-server, Connery played host to a particular bout: that of the webcasters. Total Biscuit lead the Terran faction against Seananners’ New Conglomerate cabal and the forces of LevelCap’s Vanu Sovereignty.

Results of the event are detailed below.

It’s hardly a surprise that Total Biscuit won the webcaster’s battle, I put it in the headline after all. What’s interesting about the event is that he won despite an almost clean sweep of all the other servers by the Vanu sovereignty.

Look at all that purple.

Even on Connery the Terran’s only managed to win the third challenge (holding the most territory when the clock runs out). This is because the actual winner of the event was decided by a community vote.

Hmm.Hmm. It seems a little odd that the overall winner should come down to a community vote and not the faction that completed the most challenges. Speakingentirely hypothetically, surely the winner could simply be who is the most popular webcaster and nothing to do with the ability of their team?

Along with the weekends on-screen carnage, SOE revealed the six month roadmap for future Planetside 2 updates and a partnership with MLG.