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Planetside 2 update brings new continent and Twitch integration; release date confirmed


Planetside 2’s beta is steaming along, on top of its original continent, two more landmasses have been added: icy Esamir and, now, verdant Amerish. SOE have also announced a partnership with Twitch.tv, allowing players to broadcast their play at the press of a button.

Plucked from GameTrailers Youtube channel, this trailer shows off the new Scottish Highlands inspired continent, Amerish:

SOE reiterated in their press release that Planetside 2’s release date is 20 November which seems awful soon. The closed beta only really opened up in August and whilst three months have brought vast changes to the game, huge content updates and so on, there are still some niggling problems that I would have hoped to have been addressed before release.

It still feels to disparate, rather than being a small cog in a huge war machine, one of the boots on the ground pushing the fight forwards, a lot of my time in Planetside feels inconsequential. Like I can’t make any difference. Partly, this is due to the spawning system – death can split up teams, giving respawned players a long trek back to the fight.

Tim’s broken down theplusesand minuses already though, so I won’t retread old ground.