PlanetSide 2’s Player Studio items represent 10 percent of in-game item sales for the year

PlanetSide 2 Player Studio stats

Eight months ago, SOE launched the Player Studio for PlanetSide 2 in the US, letting players create items ranging from helmets to vehicle decals that can be purchased by other players. 

At GDC, SOE released a video highlighting some of the most popular items and their creators, along with some surprising statistics. Direct your eyeballs below.

Impressively, Player Studio items made up over 10 percent of in-game items sales in January and February this year, and 35 percent of items purchased were made by players. Over 2,000 items have been submitted so far, with 470 making it to the marketplace already.

It seems to have been a lucrative venture for some of the most prolific creators. Michael Duong – whose camo designs represent 12 percent of all Player Studio camo sales – has made almost $8,000, while college student Austin Lamb’s helmet and camo designs has netted him $12,000.

SOE plans to open up more cosmetic slots for creators, and recently added one for the Harasser ground vehicle. Melee weapons, optics and additional vehicle attachment cosmetic slots are all in the works.